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esco really big baghouse

calladonia alloy dust collectionsystem

"Esco Plant III"

"100,000 Dust Collection System"
with 2 100hp blowers and 60' common
exhaust stack. Romoval of old system install new
system with no down time for plant.

original dust collection system

Existing dust collection system.

big baghouse

Installation of temporary unit (A).
No down time to the plant.

big baghouse

Temporary unit on line. Old system removed.

dust collector pad

Existing pad removed, new excavation and concrete.

big baghouse

Unit B on line, still no down time.
Unit A moved to permanent location

really big baghouse

Units A and B in place. 2 each, 100hp
blowers connected to a 60' common
exhaust stack with monitoring platform.

big baghouse

100,000 cfm dust and smoke collection system up and running. Want to see it for yourself. Please call to arrange a tour.